• Translate your contracts in French

    A full range of language pairs:

    Translate your contracts in various language pairs, exclusively the English-French, undoubtedly gives an international dimension to this type of legal documents and informs about your conditions of collaboration. Being confirmed, this has much encouraged us to launch our new contract localisation service in french language to help you communicate with your french customers and partners. With us, your partnership actions internationally are now protected from any future misunderstanding caused by language constraints!

    Various themes:

    Our team of qualified translators in areas of multiple activities involved in all types of contracts you want to translate from and into french: license, rental, sales, service delivery, outsourcing, employment, insurance, capitalisation, wedding, loan, exclusive agreements, and many others. Our native experts are always eager to deliver you a work of rigour and to gain your full trust and appreciation.

    Our commitment to privacy:

    When we decided to become the first language partner for professionals and individuals requiring receiving carefully translated versions of their contracts, we are committed to strict compliance with the confidentiality of personal information to which we have access. This is valid for all types of contract documents, and for all language combinations that you are targeting.


    We selected this little French-English lexicon to give you an overview of the vocabulary of your contract translated into this language pair.

    Contrats de vente Sales contract
    Contrat de prestation de services Service delivery agreement
    Contrat de réservation Booking contract
    Contrat d’entretien Maintenance contract
    Contrat d’exclusivité Exclusive contract
    Contrat de location Rental agreement
    Contrat de travail Employment contract
    Contrat d’achat Purchase contract


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