• Translation of commercial agreements and contracts

    Our service applies to all professionals who wish to conquer international markets through the provision of their services or products as part of a global partnership. Indeed, the translation of your commercial contracts in the languages ​​of your foreign customers and partners remains a fundamental tool to each Contracting Party to avoid a possible litigation due to lack of understanding of the terms of the agreement subscribed. So, our company specialised in multilingual localisation of contracts offers error-free legal texts made by the best-qualified language experts and lawyers. Rely on our professionalism, is to collaborate safely with total satisfaction assurance in terms of the cost/quality ratio.

    Services faithful to the original:

    Processing the contract documents successfully is to produce texts in accordance with the law of international trade, otherwise of the country targeted by the client. That is why our translation team provides each time particular attention to the source text in order to provide you extremely faithful versions. It carefully selects the appropriate terminology and adapts to typography according to the nature of your commercial contract. And since this is a project whose completion date is often limited, we have introduced the most advanced computer tools in order to deliver the services in the desired time.


    Our Company is required to translate your commercial contracts with full respect for the confidentiality of the information contained therein. We protect the confidentiality of the data transmitted to us and we keep them out of reach of unauthorised third party.


    We translate a wide range of contractual documents, including your commercial contracts in a wide range of language combinations. We offer below some useful terms in French language associated with their English translations:

    Contrat commercial Commercial contract/agreement
    Contrat de vente internationale International Sales contract
    Contrat de distribution commerciale Commercial distribution agreement
    Contrat de transport aérien Air carriage contract
    Contrat de licence License agreement
    Accord de joint venture Joint venture agreement


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