• Professional translation of employment contracts

    If you managed to find a job abroad or in a multinational company, and you want to translate your employment contract in the language of your recruiters, then refer to our specialists. Truly qualified language experts who fit the terms of your document to the norms of international law and who provide total satisfaction for you and your contractor (s). Whether you have a fixed-term contract (CDD) or long-term contract (CDI), do not hesitate to contact us to return the best versions in the language combination of your choice. Tell us in advance of your urgent plans so that we can deliver services in a timely manner.

    Pricing and cost reduced:

    Depending on the technical and legal nature of your contractual document, we try every time to adjust our fee structure so that it meets your budget expectations. This includes the size of your contract, its semantic complexity and execution date you require. In fact, you can even calculate the cost of your translation project as soon as you discover our prices on our website.

    Privacy and Security

    Security and confidentiality of personal information are a rather important to be respected during the cycle of translation and proofreading of your employment contract. It often includes your private data as well as those of your employers which should not be disclosed under any circumstances to other unauthorised parties. That is why we will treat your documents respecting the professional secrecy.

    Turnaround and delivery time:

    Our professional translation agency implements your multilingual localisation, proofreading and urgent translation projects in a plurality of language pairs. And since the turnaround and delivery dates are predefined via application forms that you send us, we assure you fast service that identifies your exact needs. In fact, it will never question our commitment to quality.

    Good to know!

    This is an overview of the French-English language combination in which we operate frequently according to your requests:

    Contrat de travail Employment contract
    Contrat de travail à durée indéterminée Long-term contract
    Contrat à durée déterminée Fixed-term contract
    Contrat d’insertion professionnelle Work placement contract
    Contrat d’apprentissage Apprenticeship contract
    Contrat de stage de formation Training course contract